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Monday, May 25, 2009

Daisy Chain

Here is my link of the daisy chain my class did. It doesnt have all the scenes, I removed them for they were badly animated and didnt make much sense. So the start, SC2 and the end is really all you need. Not bad for one of my first animations done in flash. (Of coarse thie is the revised version so the animation looks better than it originally did).

Final Motivation

Well it's finaly done, my technique run is complete. Uh, about the color on the mouse, he was completely filled in with color, but for some reason when you export it it kind of makes some bits of him see through & I haven't been able to figure out how to fix it yet, so just look at the animtion instead of the color. I may submit a colored version of the BG with just the uncolered mouse later.

Voices: I' smell cheese' done by Katelyn (Chib) Stetson & 'Ooo Cat' done by Chrissi Harper.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

They Better Not Eat US!

This was an animation test provided by Jon Lame. He made the character and did the keys. Our job was to inbetween the little guy, do the lip sync and add other various elements to make him more awesome.

Silent Tears . Cover Art

Silent Tears is a comic that I have created in short about a girl in search of revenge. But she is haveing a hard time getting to that point. I've written the scripts for the first volume, which are now online, (see below). Someday, I shall draw them out, once school is done perhaps. For now the scripts are written as they would be for a tv showm or movie. Why? Because I didn't know how to write comic scripts. I recently found out & I am in the process of writing them in comic form. NOTE: Minami Akayama Kyuki is me, Alex Molloy.

A little about the story:

Minami Kyuki's hearts a battle ground of despair. Faced with more difficulties in her life than the normal teen, Minami copes by living one day at a time. But how long before the tragic evens of her past haunts her to her death?

Volume 1: Tears of a Warrior. Read the scripts on DeviantArt.

Volume 2 features Kayla Connery, Minami's best friend on the cover. Volume 2 not available online yet.

Character & Logo design © Ryan Cole & Minami Akayama Kyuki
Silent Tears © Minami Akayama Kyuki

Mock Demo Reel

Well here is my second mock demo reel. Im re-doing it now for my thrid deliverable, but I thought it would be cool if you saw some progression in my demo rell, so here it is before. Music is used with permission. I will post my new demo reel with better stuff on it online when that's done, and when my final demo reel is done, that will be here too.

EDIT: I got some revisions on this, and as soon as I finnish them and update this with new and better stuff, I will post it here.

--Alex (Minami) Molloy