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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

EVE Online: Rioku 2


First of all, this is called the
Rioku 2 because the design for Rioku 1 sucked terribly.

That being said, THIS WAS THE HARDEST DRAWING I EVER DID! But boy was it ever super fun to do! I hadn't had that much fun drawing in a long time. I should be doing more concept art, especially of ships. Took a lot of drafts to do this ship but it was worth it. There was a LOT of measuring involved with this. I love my ruler. Got to use my animation disk & table again since school too, that was fun. Not too bad for my first space ship drawing ever.

I made the planet, logo, & of coarse the ship. The star stock BG credit goes to budgie. All of this was drawn by hand, taken over 40 hours. (The planet however was done all in photoshop). Colored digitally in photoshop.

Here is the Rioku 2. The ship has 5 weapons If the engine is damaged, the ship breaks apart in the middle & detaches the damaged engine. (Looks kind of like a jet when detached). It has 2 engines, the main one, (circle part), and the back up one. (It's yellow in the colored picture). There is a view deck on top of the ship for the crew to observe the space. A window at the front of the ship is the pilots area. Many lights adorn the outside of the ship. The hull of the ship is the front. Right before the pilots area, the ship opens up the front most part where it can carry items or other ships.

DETAILS (Single shots):