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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holy Heads Batman!

OK! So here it is! My long awaited Head Dump I mentioned that I was working on. I've been drawing LOADS of heads, designing funny & fun characters. Theses are the ones I thought I'd share. The rest, well, sucked. But I'm working on making a Head Dump 2! More heads, & hopefully, more than one girl, haha. I had more girls, but apparently I cant draw girls very well unless it's Minami.

Also! Great news! No reference used! Except a few near the end just for hair styles cause I ran out of hair ideas in my head. So I'm pretty proud of these guys. Also, all dude + 1 girl were drawn by pen, no pencil at all.

Bunch-o-Heads © Minami (Alex) Kyuki

Thursday, February 3, 2011

ShAtTeReD (Formally Silent Tears)

So! You may have seen my Silent Tears artwork here. Well! After a trip to Japan, I decided to completely re-do the story so much that it now has a new name, ShAtTeRed! The characters will remain the same, so will some of the plot, but the main story line has changed. I wont say to much now as I want to write most of it first, but I will say it starts off January 17th at 5:46 AM, Kobe, Japan. If you know you're history, you'll know what happened on that day. So! Here is some new ShAtTeReD artwork in a slightly new style than my usual stuff. (I've been trying out new styles lately).

Hey, even when bad things happen, you got to look on the bright side, you know?

Minami, around 8ish or so going to school.

Anyway, doodled this up & I think it turned out pretty awesome. Im not that great at drawing kids but I had a good ref.

Also, awesome circle BG done by the lovely Lisa Ross. She's way better at graphic design crap than I am so go see her stuff!
This is the moments after kid Minami has been dug out of the rubble & crudely bandaged. I wont say too much more for giving away the story, but I got to tell you it's already 100% better than ST ever was, even if this story ends up sucking.

Anyway, doodled this up & I think it turned out pretty awesome. Im not that great at drawing kids & doing mud & whatnot so I think they turned out not that bad. Also, this just may well be the drawing I use for the cover of volume 1.

Also, I suck at drawing feet. Don't tell me how bad they are, I know they are. Trust me, they were redrawn like 20 times before I got to this, & this isn't even the best.

Cloth Text can be found here.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

EVE Online: Rioku 2


First of all, this is called the
Rioku 2 because the design for Rioku 1 sucked terribly.

That being said, THIS WAS THE HARDEST DRAWING I EVER DID! But boy was it ever super fun to do! I hadn't had that much fun drawing in a long time. I should be doing more concept art, especially of ships. Took a lot of drafts to do this ship but it was worth it. There was a LOT of measuring involved with this. I love my ruler. Got to use my animation disk & table again since school too, that was fun. Not too bad for my first space ship drawing ever.

I made the planet, logo, & of coarse the ship. The star stock BG credit goes to budgie. All of this was drawn by hand, taken over 40 hours. (The planet however was done all in photoshop). Colored digitally in photoshop.

Here is the Rioku 2. The ship has 5 weapons If the engine is damaged, the ship breaks apart in the middle & detaches the damaged engine. (Looks kind of like a jet when detached). It has 2 engines, the main one, (circle part), and the back up one. (It's yellow in the colored picture). There is a view deck on top of the ship for the crew to observe the space. A window at the front of the ship is the pilots area. Many lights adorn the outside of the ship. The hull of the ship is the front. Right before the pilots area, the ship opens up the front most part where it can carry items or other ships.

DETAILS (Single shots):


Monday, July 26, 2010

Demi Lovato

So! Here it is! The picture that I have been working on for like what 3 weeks on & off now? The original pencil line art has been done for month, but I only recently started coloring it. This picture is the reason I haven't been submitting all my other stuff, cause I really wanted to finnish this. What took so long? That stupid head of hair. If you may have noticed, I NEVER colored hair this way, so it was something new. I used a tutorial for it which worked out not to bad. Also that bloody BG. That is version like 10 of it cause I just wasn't happy with it. I'm still not 100% happy with it but whatever.

So! This is supposed to be a cartoon version of Demi Lovato. (Pic I used as ref right here) Yeah I know it doesn't look exactly like her. But whatever, still looks good. I plan on sending this to her... somehow. Yeah. I like Demi Lovato. Got a problem with that? Deal with it. I don't want any haters flaming her here. If your going to flame anything, flame the art since this is an art site after all. Save your flaming of the stars for someone who cares.

Anywho, I think that it turned out not to bad. I added some light skin colored make-up -ish to her face which worked. Hope you all like! Now I can start on some other artwork. I should scan those soon... & color the ones I did....

Demi Lovato Logo © Demi herself I guess
Art © Minami Akayama Kyuki (Alex Molloy)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Anime Stuffs

A little update. Yeah it's anime stuff, but I'm trying different styles just for fun. Haven't worked on too much lately, sadly. DOing other stuff. Plus most of the stuff I draw every day are just little doodles for practice. Nothing too awesome.

On a side note, IM GOING TO JAPAN! Yup! In November. I sure can't wait! It's going to be awesome! I may post some pics here, I'm not sure, we'll see come November.

More stuff to come soon!

Whoo! Drew this at work & for once no reference! Then I got home, scanned the pic & realized it sucked. So I pretty much drew this on the computer, which is pretty awesome for me. Took ALL night to do this simple thing, since I practically did it from scratch. I did have a bit of reference once I was re-doing it for Roxas hair. I love my Roxas figure. (& Axel's too of coarse).

PS: I need to work on my chibiness for drawings.. Axels pose kind sucks, but I do love how Roxas turned out.

Axel & Roxas © Kingdom Hearts 2
Art © Minami Akayama Kyuki (Alex Molloy)
So ~Karuranya asked me to color her drawing, (Here), & seeing as I don't have any drawing on the go, yet, I said sure! It was fun! & I tried a different way of coloring. (Not using the burn tool for shading, though I did for some bits). I think it worked out. Could be better but I think it works.

I do believe he was an original character but someone said he looked like Yagami Raito from Death Note, so just to be safe, I'm putting him in fan art, cause that's his name now.

Original Drawing © ~Karuranya
Yagami Raito © Death Note
Jean Texture ©
[link] by ~NeverlandStock
BG thingy ~
Coloring © Minami Akayama Kyuki (Alex Molloy) (~

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Silent Tears . LOST

Whew! My first animation of the year! & in months, Haven't animated since I free lanced this summer. Its finished, for now, until I maybe decide to clean it up & such & fix what I want (Like get that moving logo to go near the end or something & fade in & out but I was having trouble & its getting late so meh).

This is the first time I did hair moving, its simple, nothing complicated but I really like how it turned out, considering I never did anything like this before & Im not sure how hair should move. (I looked EVERY where for good ref vids but I couldn't find any. Sad).

Anywho, enjoy!

PS: The song is LOST (kind of part of Liberatio) by Krypteria. Check em out they re goooood.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Some arts from the new year

Well its time for a much needed update! Been doodling & drawing here & there, but nothing was good enough to post. So here are a few that I think are good enough, or somewhat, to be seen by human eyes lol. Yeah I know some have proportion issues & flaws & such, but meh. I can only get better with time. ^^

Meet Demi. She's a Hikaran royal. Well she wasnt always. She was just your average star attater on the Hikaran Zen Ball team. However when she meets someone slightly more intimadating to her, she freezes. Poor Demi. She's 17 & a survivor (sort of) of heart cancer.

I will be posting more info on her & the Hikaran peopel later. I don't have time to write it all now lol.

NOTE: The language in the BG is Hikaran. It's a language I made up to go go with the world of Hikaru. I made the entire culture, language & everythign else up... During math class back in high school. Ahh math class. You were good for some awesome ideas lol. Sadly no one knows Hiran cept for me...

Also, this is the first drawing I did of the new year & first one colored ^^
Kashaha, Hkqwer masqa yc yba oclz! ^^ (Remember, bring peace to the world! in Hikaran ^^)

Pose Referenced

Meet Done this just in time for Valentines day. My favorite Yaoi paring, AkuRoku. (Axel & Roxas from KH2)
Chibi Sarrian!Whoot! Happy new years & so forth! ^^

Don't feel like writing a fancy description. Done for a Christmas girft for my cuz.

I've been working on this for at least a week, didn't take long to draw but the color I wasn't happy with. Took a LONG time to get to this, & Im still not the happiest, but my other artist friends say it looks good so Im taking their word for it... for now. If you have a comment on the color & shading, please let me know as I want to make it look right. Maybe its ok, but I've been looking at it for so long that maybe it looks odd to me when its not. Oh Well.

Demi Saa'den, Sarrien & Kazuo © Minami Akayama Kyuki (me)
Axel & Roxas © Kingdom Hearts 2

Speaking of colors, I went with a triad of the primary colors, representing the start of colors. (What I mean, all colors come from the primary, I guess thats like the start of colors). & what better way to show them on then with one of the oldest ways of art, a paint brush.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


My entry for the Dream contest on Deviant art.

This was originaly a pic with Makino & Minami together, then I read about that contest, & thought, this would be so cool! Dont worry, Ill finnish the original pic later.

One of my dream is to make the world a greener place & by planting one tree at a time, we can totally achieve it. Cause Life's a climb, but the view is so worth it.

Dare you to DREAM big, reach them. Like a shooting star, we can go the distance!

Yeah I know song quotes, but so true.

Character & Logo design © Ryan Cole & Minami Akayama Kyuki
Silent Tears © Minami Akayama Kyuki

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Silent Tears . Somebody Save Me

Somebody save me, I'm close to the edge - someone to fill me with life give me dreams I've never had - Somebody save me and answer my pleas - someone to lift me back up and put my heart at ease - Somebody help me please

I decided to try something new with my coloring, makeing the line art like they do on tv, not just all black. I think it worked out very nicely. ^^ Oh & the clothign she is wearing, is actual clothing I own. Minus the desing on the pants.

A little about the story:

Minami Kyuki's hearts a battle ground of despair. Faced with more difficulties in her life than the normal teen, Minami copes by living one day at a time. But how long before the tragic evens of her past haunts her to her death?

Character & Logo design © Ryan Cole & Minami Akayama Kyuki
Silent Tears © Minami Akayama Kyuki

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Light Up the Night Sky

This is actually the newest piece of animation I have Did it this summer as part of my free lance work. The whole animation together I didn't feel like posting, just the fireworks part cause their cool. Took around 2 hours or so & I had reference.

Its also the first thing I did on Flash after buying it ^^

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sell Sheet Whoot!

Geez I can't belive I didn't upload this like when it was done 2 maybe 3 months ago. Oh well, here for your enjoyment, here is my sell sheet.

Ain't it perty? Yeah I just noticed the oval thing that's under my name is a bit warped at the end of it. I shall have to fix that some time.

Demo Reel V02

Well, here is my Demo-Reel again. Not much has changed, just I re-did the horse walk animation so I updated my reel. I wanted to make all my pencil animations darker, but I couldnt remember how to do it. Sad. haha

EXPLANATION OF DEMO REEL: In short I designed all of the characters, did all the clean up, layouts, in betweens, roughs, After Effects, for every thign except 2 things. I did not desing the Flash walking character (the one with the dude walking across the screen). I also did not desing the Flash character at the end (If they are going to eat us...) But I did animate them and I have permission to use them. Most of these animations are traditional, untherwise they are done in Flash. This demo reel was done in Adobe After Effects.

Note: The quality may not be the best, I had to change the settings in order to make it smaller to fit online, in which case, loss of quality. If anyone knows how to make the file size smaller yet able to keep the quality, please let me know.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Yay an update! Nothing that I drew lately was good enough to post online for employers or just anyone to see. So heres a few doodles of what I though was good enough to go online. Plus, this needed an update so you all know Im not dead, Im just hiding haha. OH! & I re-did my horse walk animation, so I'll be updating my demo reel soon. Keep on the look out!

So I finally hooked up my scanner & now you shall all see some new arts by me. So be happy. XD I quite like this dude. This poor guy was nameless up until 5 mins ago & I've been drawing him here & there all summer! Oh my.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Animation Web Site

Hey my website is now online if anyone wants to have a gander at it. Here is the link:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Demo Reel

Here it is, my newly finished Demo Reel. Its always going to be still in the works for I will alwyas be learning, but for now this is as finished as it shall be. Enjoy!

Note: The quality may not be the best, I had to change the settings in order to make it smaller to fit online, in which case, loss of quality. If anyone knows how to make the file size smaller yet able to keep the quality, please let me know.

Portfolio 2009

Here is what I have after my final portfolio deliverable was due. This is what I will be presenting at Jalloo. I shall update it throught time, but here it is for now. Enjoy!

My updadted business card & below is the portfolio.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Daisy Chain

Here is my link of the daisy chain my class did. It doesnt have all the scenes, I removed them for they were badly animated and didnt make much sense. So the start, SC2 and the end is really all you need. Not bad for one of my first animations done in flash. (Of coarse thie is the revised version so the animation looks better than it originally did).

Final Motivation

Well it's finaly done, my technique run is complete. Uh, about the color on the mouse, he was completely filled in with color, but for some reason when you export it it kind of makes some bits of him see through & I haven't been able to figure out how to fix it yet, so just look at the animtion instead of the color. I may submit a colored version of the BG with just the uncolered mouse later.

Voices: I' smell cheese' done by Katelyn (Chib) Stetson & 'Ooo Cat' done by Chrissi Harper.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

They Better Not Eat US!

This was an animation test provided by Jon Lame. He made the character and did the keys. Our job was to inbetween the little guy, do the lip sync and add other various elements to make him more awesome.

Silent Tears . Cover Art

Silent Tears is a comic that I have created in short about a girl in search of revenge. But she is haveing a hard time getting to that point. I've written the scripts for the first volume, which are now online, (see below). Someday, I shall draw them out, once school is done perhaps. For now the scripts are written as they would be for a tv showm or movie. Why? Because I didn't know how to write comic scripts. I recently found out & I am in the process of writing them in comic form. NOTE: Minami Akayama Kyuki is me, Alex Molloy.

A little about the story:

Minami Kyuki's hearts a battle ground of despair. Faced with more difficulties in her life than the normal teen, Minami copes by living one day at a time. But how long before the tragic evens of her past haunts her to her death?

Volume 1: Tears of a Warrior. Read the scripts on DeviantArt.

Volume 2 features Kayla Connery, Minami's best friend on the cover. Volume 2 not available online yet.

Character & Logo design © Ryan Cole & Minami Akayama Kyuki
Silent Tears © Minami Akayama Kyuki

Mock Demo Reel

Well here is my second mock demo reel. Im re-doing it now for my thrid deliverable, but I thought it would be cool if you saw some progression in my demo rell, so here it is before. Music is used with permission. I will post my new demo reel with better stuff on it online when that's done, and when my final demo reel is done, that will be here too.

EDIT: I got some revisions on this, and as soon as I finnish them and update this with new and better stuff, I will post it here.

--Alex (Minami) Molloy

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Motivation BG

Here is my latest BG for my latest animation assigment, which will be my first officially fully colored animation. It will be epic haha.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Goofy Head Turn

A quick little head turn excercise we did in class of Disney's well known character, Goofy. I love this guy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Animation Sell Sheets

Here is my first draft of my sell sheet, done for the end of my portfolio class last term.

I got lot's of revisions to do in order to make this the best sell sheet ever, but it still looks good for the moment. It shall be even better when it's done, near the end of June.

Some of the characters on this page, in no order: Mike, Venessa Doumont, Minami Kyuki, Mark Stagger, some life drawing, and Tori.

Venessa Expressions

This is Venessa Doumont from my comic Silent Tears. This was my first animation done in my second year of animation at NBCC. Turned out very nice I find. I have a colored version as well, but some how the timing got all messed up, so I got to fix that before I post it.