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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Holy Heads Batman!

OK! So here it is! My long awaited Head Dump I mentioned that I was working on. I've been drawing LOADS of heads, designing funny & fun characters. Theses are the ones I thought I'd share. The rest, well, sucked. But I'm working on making a Head Dump 2! More heads, & hopefully, more than one girl, haha. I had more girls, but apparently I cant draw girls very well unless it's Minami.

Also! Great news! No reference used! Except a few near the end just for hair styles cause I ran out of hair ideas in my head. So I'm pretty proud of these guys. Also, all dude + 1 girl were drawn by pen, no pencil at all.

Bunch-o-Heads © Minami (Alex) Kyuki

Thursday, February 3, 2011

ShAtTeReD (Formally Silent Tears)

So! You may have seen my Silent Tears artwork here. Well! After a trip to Japan, I decided to completely re-do the story so much that it now has a new name, ShAtTeRed! The characters will remain the same, so will some of the plot, but the main story line has changed. I wont say to much now as I want to write most of it first, but I will say it starts off January 17th at 5:46 AM, Kobe, Japan. If you know you're history, you'll know what happened on that day. So! Here is some new ShAtTeReD artwork in a slightly new style than my usual stuff. (I've been trying out new styles lately).

Hey, even when bad things happen, you got to look on the bright side, you know?

Minami, around 8ish or so going to school.

Anyway, doodled this up & I think it turned out pretty awesome. Im not that great at drawing kids but I had a good ref.

Also, awesome circle BG done by the lovely Lisa Ross. She's way better at graphic design crap than I am so go see her stuff!
This is the moments after kid Minami has been dug out of the rubble & crudely bandaged. I wont say too much more for giving away the story, but I got to tell you it's already 100% better than ST ever was, even if this story ends up sucking.

Anyway, doodled this up & I think it turned out pretty awesome. Im not that great at drawing kids & doing mud & whatnot so I think they turned out not that bad. Also, this just may well be the drawing I use for the cover of volume 1.

Also, I suck at drawing feet. Don't tell me how bad they are, I know they are. Trust me, they were redrawn like 20 times before I got to this, & this isn't even the best.

Cloth Text can be found here.