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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Portfolio Sketches

Here be some skeches from my 2nd mock portfolio.

Here are some drawings of GSG (Gunsling Girl) and August. GSG was a character I designed last year for character design class and August was done this year for my first lip sync.
The top 2 characters are Minami (South) Kyuki & the twins at the bottom left are Venessa and Natalie Doumont all from my comic Silent Tears. The dude who is obiously in pain is Khän from an old story of mine Cursed. (He is currenently being cursed in this shot).
All charatcers on this page are from my comic Silent Tears. Top left is Mark Stagger, top right is kid Minami, bottom left is Kayla Connery and bottom right in Minami.

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