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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Demo Reel V02

Well, here is my Demo-Reel again. Not much has changed, just I re-did the horse walk animation so I updated my reel. I wanted to make all my pencil animations darker, but I couldnt remember how to do it. Sad. haha

EXPLANATION OF DEMO REEL: In short I designed all of the characters, did all the clean up, layouts, in betweens, roughs, After Effects, for every thign except 2 things. I did not desing the Flash walking character (the one with the dude walking across the screen). I also did not desing the Flash character at the end (If they are going to eat us...) But I did animate them and I have permission to use them. Most of these animations are traditional, untherwise they are done in Flash. This demo reel was done in Adobe After Effects.

Note: The quality may not be the best, I had to change the settings in order to make it smaller to fit online, in which case, loss of quality. If anyone knows how to make the file size smaller yet able to keep the quality, please let me know.

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