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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Silent Tears . Somebody Save Me

Somebody save me, I'm close to the edge - someone to fill me with life give me dreams I've never had - Somebody save me and answer my pleas - someone to lift me back up and put my heart at ease - Somebody help me please

I decided to try something new with my coloring, makeing the line art like they do on tv, not just all black. I think it worked out very nicely. ^^ Oh & the clothign she is wearing, is actual clothing I own. Minus the desing on the pants.

A little about the story:

Minami Kyuki's hearts a battle ground of despair. Faced with more difficulties in her life than the normal teen, Minami copes by living one day at a time. But how long before the tragic evens of her past haunts her to her death?

Character & Logo design © Ryan Cole & Minami Akayama Kyuki
Silent Tears © Minami Akayama Kyuki

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