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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Silent Tears . LOST

Whew! My first animation of the year! & in months, Haven't animated since I free lanced this summer. Its finished, for now, until I maybe decide to clean it up & such & fix what I want (Like get that moving logo to go near the end or something & fade in & out but I was having trouble & its getting late so meh).

This is the first time I did hair moving, its simple, nothing complicated but I really like how it turned out, considering I never did anything like this before & Im not sure how hair should move. (I looked EVERY where for good ref vids but I couldn't find any. Sad).

Anywho, enjoy!

PS: The song is LOST (kind of part of Liberatio) by Krypteria. Check em out they re goooood.

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