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Friday, May 21, 2010

Anime Stuffs

A little update. Yeah it's anime stuff, but I'm trying different styles just for fun. Haven't worked on too much lately, sadly. DOing other stuff. Plus most of the stuff I draw every day are just little doodles for practice. Nothing too awesome.

On a side note, IM GOING TO JAPAN! Yup! In November. I sure can't wait! It's going to be awesome! I may post some pics here, I'm not sure, we'll see come November.

More stuff to come soon!

Whoo! Drew this at work & for once no reference! Then I got home, scanned the pic & realized it sucked. So I pretty much drew this on the computer, which is pretty awesome for me. Took ALL night to do this simple thing, since I practically did it from scratch. I did have a bit of reference once I was re-doing it for Roxas hair. I love my Roxas figure. (& Axel's too of coarse).

PS: I need to work on my chibiness for drawings.. Axels pose kind sucks, but I do love how Roxas turned out.

Axel & Roxas © Kingdom Hearts 2
Art © Minami Akayama Kyuki (Alex Molloy)
So ~Karuranya asked me to color her drawing, (Here), & seeing as I don't have any drawing on the go, yet, I said sure! It was fun! & I tried a different way of coloring. (Not using the burn tool for shading, though I did for some bits). I think it worked out. Could be better but I think it works.

I do believe he was an original character but someone said he looked like Yagami Raito from Death Note, so just to be safe, I'm putting him in fan art, cause that's his name now.

Original Drawing © ~Karuranya
Yagami Raito © Death Note
Jean Texture ©
[link] by ~NeverlandStock
BG thingy ~
Coloring © Minami Akayama Kyuki (Alex Molloy) (~

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